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Calgary Chieftains, Canada

Founded 2016

Around 15 players

The simple thing of getting out to a park and playing camogie with housemates or friends was a huge boost for a lot of our members who are living away from family. Sport is an amazing thing to bring people together and camogie has played a huge part in keeping a lot of us together and included while all the madness of Covid was happening.

Naomh Jude, Dublin

Founded 1978

254 players

And as of 6th September 2020, Senior 1 Champions for 2020. Comhghairdeachas!!

Best thing about being back after the covid lockdown restrictions were lifted is seeing all the team again, and all doing something we love.


Na Tóraidhe, Philadelphia

Founded 2018

Around 20 players

Our 2020 season was completely scrapped due to covid, no games or official tournaments permitted, it has been tough. This 7's tournament will be the pinnacle of our season, so it has been great to get out to training during the past few weeks, getting to see everyone, run around and blow off some steam and use this year to work on our foundational skills.

Central Coast (Sydney)

Founded 1981

Around 30 players

As we are all so far away from home at this crazy time our team represents our family, we not only play together on the field but we have been there for each other through this hard time off the field too. A lot of us all moved to Sydney not knowing many people and when you have the opportunity to become friends and team mates you wouldn’t turn it down, to know you have that support during this time is amazing! 


Atlanta GAA

Founded 2012

35 - 40 players

...the best thing about Atlanta Camogie before and since the pandemic - is that we are a family of sorts. We try to support each other - on and off the pitch. Before the pandemic - we were always hanging out - grabbing pints after practice or having parties! It has been tough losing both the sport and the social interaction because of the pandemic. I'm hoping this Long Distance 7s can bring us back together and hopefully be the start of something positive here! 

Lots more great Team Stories from Camogie 7s entries on the way - let us know at if you'd like to see your team up here!!

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